XCAD Network Price Soars as Team Engages Community and Onboards Content Creators

• XCAD Network (XCAD) price performance continues to impress many analysts and crypto enthusiasts.
• Over the last few weeks, XCAD Network has been running Twitter campaigns while announcing new content creators.
• XCAD Network is also very active on social media despite the crypto market taking a hit this year.

The XCAD Network (XCAD) has seen a remarkable surge in its price performance over recent weeks, garnering the attention of many analysts and crypto enthusiasts alike. This sustained growth has been largely attributed to the team’s continuous efforts to promote the platform through various campaigns, as well as the onboarding of new content creators.

The XCAD Network team released an update on December 16th, introducing the new “egg system” which is designed to target Web2 users for Non-Fungible Token (NFT) activities. On the same day, over 100 new content creators were added to the platform, bringing the total number of YouTube subscribers to an impressive 545 million.

The team has also been very active in engaging with their community members on social media. Despite the bear market affecting the crypto market, XCAD Network has been consistently providing updates, encouraging discussion and interest in the project. Users will be able to begin minting Egg NFTs as of December 22nd.

The XCAD Network has also seen important collaborations with other projects including the likes of Travala, a cryptocurrency-based travel booking platform. This collaboration has allowed users to book flights and hotels using XCAD tokens.

XCAD Network is a cryptocurrency network that has been designed to tokenize the value of content creator audiences. The platform’s unique approach has allowed both the creator and the viewer to benefit. With the team’s active approach to their community, and the various collaborations, XCAD Network is well-positioned for future growth and potential adoption.