Explore The Metaverse: New Crypto Pumping BLOK NFTs Offers Stronger Potential!

• Bloktopia had a pump this week but RobotEra has showed higher upside potential in the metaverse by raising $810,500 in its token presale.
• Metaverse games have lately gained popularity in the Web3 space, and it’s important to look into other potential metaverse crypto and determine which ones are making a difference.
• Bloktopia is a Skyscraper made up of 21 levels to pay recognition to 21 million Bitcoin, while RobotEra is a blockchain game project that is similar to SandBbox.

Bloktopia Crypto Pumping New Land BLOK NFTs

This week Bloktopia had a pump followed by RobotEra which raised $810,500 for its token presale. This has created higher potential for the crypto metaverse and other potential crypto projects that can make a difference.

Metaverse Games Gaining Popularity

Recently there has been an increase in popularity of metaverse games due to Web3 technology. It’s important to research these projects and understand which ones are worth investing in.

What is Bloktopia?

Bloktopia is an online skyscraper platform composed of 21 levels designed to recognize the 21 million Bitcoins available globally. It serves as a central hub providing users with access to cryptocurrency information and immersive content all under one roof. By using advanced 3D creation engines, users will gain access stunning visuals and user experience.

RobotEra: A Blockchain Game Platform

RobotEra gives players the ability to create their own world via an immersive planet called Taro. The platform provides gamers with access to multidimensional content including entertainment, interactions with other players, networking opportunities, real estate ownership options, advertising revenue streams and much more!


Overall both Bloktopia and RobotEra provide investors with great opportunities within the crypto metaverse sector – each offering different advantages depending on individual needs and preferences!